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Tracey's Tech and Finance Blog!

Welcome to the GBE Blog on the latest in finance, business management, technology, software and how all the changes are affecting and benefiting you!

Hi, I am Tracey Gill. Born and raised in Southampton, NY and a proud mother of 2 grown boys and a small dog named Petey who is like my third! As the owner and also proud mother of GBE, I want to provide as much services as possible to our clients. Here is a page I can provide some of the latest important information I feel would benefit you, address any concerns that you may feel will impact your business or home, and also provide a more personal touch to our services. We pride ourselves in getting to know each of our clients like family, so we want to give you one place to come to for everything for your office, home and now information. So, I will be posting articles that I feel will bring value to you. If there are subjects you would like me to also touch upon, I would love to hear from you! We are here for your success and this will be one more tool in your tool box!

Best wishes,

Tracey A. Gill

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